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What Does It Mean To Be Human? is a 10 week elective course that addresses the far reaching implications of our understanding of the nature of humanity.  This question impacts not just philosophers and scientists who want to understand the nature and function of a human being, but also countless issues that that are directly relevant to individuals across all cultures and worldviews.  What we believe it means to be human is directly related to how we treat one another, how we treat ourselves, and how we understand why we are here.  This is an immense topic, and this course covers a lot of ground.

This course features 17 of the RZIM speakers, which is the most of any of our courses.  The diversity of perspectives and breadth of topics makes this a great option for anyone interested in having more informed conversations about life’s big questions, and naturally connecting common experiences to the gospel in conversation.

Week 1
Lecture 1.1:  “The Scope and Impact of the Question” – Speaker Interviews
Lecture 1.2:  “What Does It Mean To Be Human?” – Ravi Zacharias  
Week 2
Lecture 2.1:  “A Biblical Portrait 1:  Imago Dei” – Nathan Rittenhouse 
Lecture 2.2:  “A Biblical Portrait 2:  Meaning and Purpose” – Nathan Rittenhouse 
Week 3
Lecture 3.1:  “The Mind/Body Problem” – John Njoroge 
Lecture 3.2:  “Moral Reasoning” – Vince Vitale
Week 4
Lecture 4.1:  “Insights from Freud and Lewis” – Stuart McAllister 
Lecture 4.2:  “Language” – Mari Ovsepyan 
Week 5
Lecture 5.1: “The Story of Humanity”  – Cameron McAllister 
Lecture 5.2:  “Why Stories?” – Jill Carattini 
Lecture 5.3:  Panel Discussion – Jill Carattini, Cameron McAllister, Stuart McAllister
Week 6
Lecture 6.1:  “Beauty” – Jo Vitale 
Lecture 6.2: “Objectification” – Naomi Zacharias 
Week 7
Lecture 7.1:  “Challenges from Materialism” – John Njoroge
Lecture 7.2:  “Challenges from Eastern Worldviews” – Jose Philip 
Week 8
Lecture 8.1:  “Transhumanism” – Max Baker-Hytch 
Lecture 8.2:  “Digital Technology” – Nathan Betts 
Week 9
Lecture 9:1 “Freedom and Identity” – Daniel Rangel 
Lecture 9.2:  “Relationships and Love” – Michelle Tepper  
Lecture 9.3:  “Identity and Intimacy” – Sam Allberry 
Week 10
Lecture 10.1:  “High Noon for Humanity” – Os Guinness 
Lecture 10.2:  “Magna Carta of Humanity” – Os Guinness