This RZIM Academy elective course on Science is designed to help students learn to engage with individuals who work in scientific disciplines, or who are particularly interested in the sciences and have questions about the intersection of science and belief in God.  The course attempts to define what science is and identify some of its limitations.  There is a popular perception in many parts of the world today that suggests that developments in science are increasingly undermining the rational basis for religion, and that to believe in God requires you to discount advances in modern science.  However, both the historical record, and many recent scientific discoveries actually challenge this paradigm.  This course addresses questions about the relationship between science and belief in God, considers recent scientific developments and their impact on our understanding of creation, and provides practical skills to help students better engage in conversations about science with individuals of different worldviews.  

The next offering will begin June 13, 2019.  Click here to register.

Week 1
1.1 What is Science? – Sharon Dirckx
1.2 Key Historical Events – Simon Wenham 

Week 2
2.1 Is Faith in God Delusional? – John Lennox
2.2 The Origins of the Universe – John Lennox  

Week 3
3.1 Cosmic Reasons to Believe in Christ – Hugh Ross
3.2 The Fine-Tuning Argument – Vince Vitale 

Week 4
4.1 The Creation-Evolution Debate – Andy Bannister
4.2 The Four Pillars of Design — Fazale Rana

Week 5
5.1  Interpreting Genesis Part 1 – John Lennox
5.2 Interpreting Genesis Part 2 — John Lennox

Week 6
6.1 The Human Genome: Encoded by Design – Fazale Rana
6.2 Creation and Redemption — Hugh Ross 

Week 7
7.1 Made in God’s Image – Fazale Rana
7.2 Am I Just My Brain? — Sharon Dirckx

Week 8
8.1  Free Will and Determinism — Sharon Dirckx
8.2 Consciousness – Sharon Dirckx