If you’re logging in this week and noticing that our site looks a lot different, perhaps we should explain.  It’s actually not us.  It’s our platform, Docebo.  They’ve made some significant upgrades and we’re very excited about them.  It will take some time to adjust, mostly because we now have a new system for submitting assignments, but overall, this is great news for the RZIM Academy team and all of our students.  Here are a few highlights.

  • Overall the site looks better and is easier to navigate
  • You can now speed up or slow down lecture videos
  • If you have the Docebo App, you can watch videos offline

There are a lot more advantages to the new version of our platform, but these are some features that students have been asking about for a while.

If you haven’t yet, take a minute to login and explore what’s new.  As always, if you have any questions, contact your moderator or info@rzimacademy.org.