What is the RZIM Academy?

The RZIM Academy is an online training curriculum designed to help individuals become better equipped to give an answer to anyone who asks them to give a reason for the hope that they have in Jesus. RZIM speakers share their expertise in the form of recorded lectures which are thoughtfully planned and compiled as online apologetics courses.

First time here?

If this is your first time taking an RZIM Academy course, begin with the Core Module. It is the prerequisite and foundation for the rest of our online courses. Ravi Zacharias, Michael Ramsden, Stuart McAllister, John Lennox, Os Guinness, Amy Orr-Ewing, Alister McGrath, and more have contributed lectures to our Core Module, which offers a broad introduction to apologetics, addresses some common objections, and provides practical skills of engaging in fruitful dialogue with people of different worldviews. Click here to register for the next Core Module. We also offer the Core Module in both Spanish, French, German, with other languages coming soon.

Want to take other courses we offer?

If you’ve already completed the Core Module and want to learn even more about apologetics, Islam, the Bible, engaging in the modern world or more, click here to see our other online courses.

Have other questions?

Visit our FAQ page for more information.