Faith Seeking Understanding: An Introduction to Doctrine is an RZIM Academy elective course featuring 16 new lectures addressing the history, diversity, and importance of the most basic Christian doctrines as they have been understood and developed since the time of Christ.   The aim of this course is not to teach or promote particular views on nonessential doctrines, but to explore the depths of the beauty of those things that all Christians accept to be true, and to consider how they should impact our lives and our relationships.

Why does doctrine matter?  What is the role of the Holy Spirit?  How did we come to believe that Jesus was fully human and fully divine?  Why do we have the sacraments like baptism and the Lord’s supper? These questions will be addressed in the lectures, discussed in the forums and applied, as with all of our courses, in the practical assignments.

As with all the elective courses, Faith Seeking Understanding is available only to those who have successfully completed the Core Module.

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Cost:  $129.  Scholarships are also available here.

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Week 1
Lecture 1.1:  Why Doctrine Matters
Lecture 1.2:  Coming to Know God – Revelation as God’s Story 


Week 2
Lecture 2.1:  A God Who Speaks, Part 1 – The Doctrine of Creation
Lecture 2.2:  A God Who Speaks, Part 2 – The Doctrine of Scripture 


Week 3
Lecture 3.1:  God as Divine Community – The Doctrine of the Trinity
Lecture 3.2:  The Father and the Creation of Humanity 


Week 4
Lecture 4.1:  The Son and the Need of Humanity
Lecture 4.2:  The Spirit and the Restoration of Humanity 


Week 5
Lecture 5.1:  Jesus Christ – The Doctrine of the Incarnation
Lecture 5.2:  The Lamb Who Was Slain – The Doctrine of the Atonement 


Week 6
Lecture 6.1:  The Holy Spirit in Christian Life
Lecture 6.2:  The Ministry of the Holy Spirit  


Week 7
Lecture 7.1: The Giving Gift of the Holy Spirit – Part 1
Lecture 7.2: The Giving Gift of the Holy Spirit – Part 2 


Week 8
Lecture 8.1:  The Confessing Community – Creeds, Doctrine, Liturgy, Storytelling
Lecture 8.2:  The Invitation of the New Community – Having Hope in the End of the Story