Engaging the Modern World is an elective course in the RZIM Academy.  This course aims to discuss current issues in society today, and how Christians as individuals and the church as a whole can live as part of the Kingdom today.  What kind of impact are we having?  What are the challenges that face today’s modern world that haven’t been faced before? What does it mean for Christians to be engaged – to be in the world but not of the world?

This course features lectures from Ravi, Os Guinness, Naomi Zacharias, Vince Vitale, Tanya Walker, Christian Hofreiter, Stuart McAllister, Abdu Murray, and many more.  Topics such as Social Justice, Human rights, Religious Freedom and Identity are all covered by RZIM’s incredibly gifted team of speakers and friends.

*As with all elective courses, completion of the Core Module is required before enrolling in Engaging the Modern World.

cost: $129

The next course begins March 14, 2019.  To register, click here.

Course Schedule

Week 1
The Gospel of the Kingdom – Tanya Walker
Renaissance – Os Guinness

Week 2
Idols of our Time – Stuart McAllister
Consumerism – Stuart McAllister

Week 3
Impossible People – Os Guinness
Human Rights – Tanya Walker

Week 4
Social Justice, part 1 – Christian Hofreiter
Social Justice, part 2 – Naomi Zacharias

Week 5
Freedom – Os Guinness
Religious Freedom – Os Guinness

Week 6
Science and Ethics – Fuz Rana
Business Ethics – Abdu Murray

Week 7
Transhumanism and Artificial Intelligence – Max Baker-Hytch
Identity – Sam Allberry

Week 8
Pluralism – Vince Vitale
Character in Leadership – Ravi Zacharias