Our newest elective, Faith Seeking Understanding: An Introduction to Doctrine has just come to an end.  74% of the 104 students enrolled have earned a certificate.  Read some of their comments below.

Overwhelmingly the favorite lecture was from Christian Hofreiter on the Trinity, but also very popular were Jill Carattini and Jo Vitale’s lectures on the Holy Spirit.

We asked students what they would say to someone thinking about taking this elective course and here are a few of the comments:

“No matter how much you think you might know about doctrine, take this course! This elective is truly outstanding. My understanding of doctrine (even though solid coming into this course) was deepened markedly over these past nine weeks. Out of 10, this course gets a solid 12.”

“I just recommended today – I told them I think it’s the best online material offered by the best international team of cross denominational Kingdom thinkers and apologists on the planet.”

“I signed up because the other RZIM courses have been so great, not because it sounded very interesting. But I have been amazed at the depth and richness of this course. I definitely have a deeper understanding of my Christian beliefs.”

“This has been a life altering event for me. It will take time to ponder and grow with all that I have heard. I feel that I have been led to take all of the other courses in order to get to this one.”

As with all of our elective courses, successful completion of the Core Module is required before signing up.  The next offering of Faith Seeking Understanding will be in January, and registration will be open soon.