Se habla español!  On Monday the Módulo General (the Spanish version of the Core Module) began week 1. 105 students representing sixteen different countries began the twelve-week course, moderated by Jose Daniel from Madrid. The initial response was so strong, we decided to open up new sections of the Módulo General beginning October 17.  

With collaboration from RZIM staff and friends in Spain, Peru, El Salvador, and the US, we translated all of the content and filmed additional videos to provide the RZIM Academy course in the native language of nearly 500 million people in the world. We’ve invested time and resources to make sure this resource matches the quality of the Core Module which has consistently received extremely positive feedback from all participants. To date, more than 99% of students who completed the course in English said that it enabled them to have more fruitful dialogue with people of different beliefs, and more effectively point them to Christ.  

For more information, please visit If you have any Spanish speaking friends who would be interested, please share this opportunity with them.  Registration will be open until October 15.